How to get a cheap rental wheelchair in Malaysia

Renting reduces the amount of hassle and stress you may face buying a new wheelchair, especially if you know you’ll only use it a few times. It is a perfectly suitable option for those who need to wheelchair rent for short term use, as it’s cost-effective, reliable, and well, stress-free. Individuals may choose to rent a wheelchair for 1 or 2 weeks to recover when coming out of the hospital, or even longer to spread the cost further.

Is renting a wheelchair a good choice?

Renting a wheelchair may be a good choice if you are looking for only a short-term solution or want to trail a wheelchair before buying your own. With renting, you can always use the latest model without any obligation to buy it. It may surprise you in a good way that buying over rent is normally the right choice because you will always have the choice of the wheelchair that best suits your needs. On top of that, the user will bear no responsibility for wheelchair servicing and maintenance.

Renting a wheelchair is the best choice when you want to bring your elderly parents to travel or take a short trip together. You just need to rent a wheelchair for temporary use for one to two weeks during the travel period.

Source: Life on Karma Wheels

If you have short-term injuries such as paralysis, leg fractures, and hip arthroplasty because of a stroke, accident, or post-surgery. You can rent a wheelchair for rehabilitation treatment and the recovery process for 6 months to one year. However, when you feel there might be a chance you might need a wheelchair in the future or plan to rent for a longer-term, we suggest buying your own wheelchair.

Manual wheelchair rental models available

  1. Standard Lightweight Wheelchair (weighing 11kg to 15kg): Best for everyday use. The durable design factor ensures this wheelchair survives all your day to day activities. Suitable for users who can’t walk far but can sit properly without upper trunk support.
  2. Ultralight Wheelchair (weighing 7kg to 11kg): Best for travel and storage. Good for elderly female caregivers to reduce injury when taking care of the user.
  3. Functioning Lightweight Wheelchair (weighting 12kg to 25kg): Best for short-term injury users during their rehabilitation treatment. Multi-functional with detachable armrest, detachable footrest, elevating footrest, Tilt-in-Space, reclining, etc.
  4. Extra-wide Lightweight Wheelchair (weighting 13kg to 17kg): ideal for heavier users. Maximum capacity weight from 100kg to 250kg. Increased seat width ensures it fits almost every user.

How much does a wheelchair cost to rent in Malaysia?

The cost to rent a wheelchair depends on which models and region you want the wheelchair delivered to. For example, a standard lightweight manual wheelchair costs approximately RM50 per week in the Centre region and RM55 per week in the Northern and Southern regions. Renting cost calculation may be based on wheelchair weekly or monthly use. Some renters provide discounts when you rent for more than one week.

How to order a rented manual wheelchair?

If you are renting a wheelchair because you or your loved one has a medical condition, or being discharged from the hospital, you can ask your health insurance provider or get help from the hospital care manager to rent a wheelchair. You can ask them for recommendations about which vendors or suppliers to use.

If you do not have insurance or a wheelchair is not covered by your plan or you are renting a wheelchair for travel purposes, you can look into renting a wheelchair from a local OTC medical shop or pharmacy.

Or you can visit the wheelchair supply website for your inquiry. Fill in the contact form with the subject “rent a wheelchair”, your location, what type of wheelchair you are looking for, and the dates you need the wheelchair.

Customer service will contact you once receive your inquiry. Or either you can call or contact customer service 03-5612 1921 or WhatsApp 6010-233 1921.

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