Top Lightweight Wheelchairs in Malaysia in 2021

There are so many choices of lightweight wheelchairs on the market but which is the best? At About Wheelchair, we know that there is no “best wheelchair” but the most suitable wheelchair for the user. 

Lightweight wheelchairs are more commonly used by the elderly looking for a wheelchair that can be easily transported and stored away. A lightweight wheelchair should supply basic seating support with additional functions that will make life for the user and family easier.

No.1 Ergo Lite – Karma Medical


A firm all time favourite is the Karma Ergo Lite. It has proven itself by thousands of users and hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon. Ergo Lite even won the 2020 Retailers’ Choice Award by Thiis Magazine!

At an incredible 8.5 KG, Ergo Lite is the lightest manual wheelchairs being surveyed. It is equipped with the amazing S-Ergo Seating System that provides the user with basic pressure relief. The intuitive Push and Pull Brake System is convenient for elderly caregivers who can’t repeatedly bend down to activate the wheelchair brakes. These thoughtful designs are why we chose Ergo Lite as our first choice for the top lightweight wheelchair in Malaysia in 2021.

Ergo Lite was also the only lightweight wheelchair we surveyed that has been crash-tested in accordance with ISO 7176-19, which means that it can be safely used as a seat for transportation in a car. The only small drawback of this product is its price. However, we think it’s better to invest in a good product that lasts, than to suffer from a cheap one that make the user uncomfortable.

Attendant Wheelchair
Manufacturer CountryTaiwan
Crash TestedYes

No.2 SR612 Transport Wheelchair – Comfort


This super lightweight wheelchair comes in a variety of seat widths to suit a wide range of wheelchair users. The SR612 comes equipped with the push-down hand brake to allow the attendant to park the wheelchair without bending down. This lightweight wheelchair can be folded down to a very compact size to make it convenient for travel and storage. 

Just like Karma, Comfort is also a well-known brand. There is a certain level of quality that comes with the price and the brand. However, if you take a close look at the material used on the chair, you can still spot some differences compared to Karma Ergo Lite. Overall, it’s a good choice around RM1,000 budget.

Attendant Wheelchair
Manufacturer CountryTaiwan
Crash TestedUnknown

No 3. Ergo Lite2 – Karma Medical


Ergo Lite2 is the transfer version of Ergo Lite. The unique footrest stowage solution makes this wheelchair even more convenient to carry and store in the trunk of a car. Similar to the Ergo Lite, Ergo Lite2 also has the S-Ergo Seating System. However, Ergo Lite 2 also offers self-propel wheel solutions for those who prefer to push the wheelchair themselves.

Self-Propel Wheelchair
Manufacturer CountryTaiwan

Honorary Mentions

There are also other lightweight wheelchairs you might find more affordable on-line than the top choice we suggest. While we don’t recommend you to use these as a long-term care solution, it might be okay to carry for temporary use. 



The good thing about Promedictech is its affordable price. You can find this chair in pharmacies as well as on-line shops. It offers both an attendant and self -propelled version. The not-so-light lightweight wheelchair is a compromise that the buyer will have to make for the low price point.

Self Propel Wheelchair
Manufacturer CountryChina
Crash TestedNo

Moven Q01 Lightweight Wheelchair


Moven is a wheelchair you buy at Alpro Pharmacy, which means you can always go to the store to find after-service if the wheelchair breaks down. Moven transport wheelchair is a strong competitor amongst the lightweight manual wheelchairs, weighing in at just 9KG. The multiple stage braking system is convenient for the attendant to brake the wheelchair. The rotating valgus foot pedals allow the footplate to be rotated out of the wayr.

Attendant wheelchair
Crash TestedNo


As you can see there are a variety of lightweight wheelchairs depending on the needs of the wheelchair user and the user’s family. The most important thing to remember is to choose the wheelchair that best fits the user and their needs and not just the “best wheelchair”. 

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