How to check the quality of a wheelchair is worth the price

  • Check the wheelchair box
  • What are the safety certifications
  • How does the wheelchair look

This aim of this blog is to help you know what to look for when you are looking for in a new wheelchair as well as what to inspect when you receive it.

1. First step; inspect the box! 

The first thing you will notice about a new wheelchair is the box that it comes in! Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but you can note down your first reaction to the product packaging. 

Depending on where the wheelchair is being transported from, near or far, how the manufacturer packs their product says a lot about how much they value the product. If it is well packaged then you can assume that the company cares about their product. Another thing to note is if the product information (product name, model, seat width, front, and rear-wheel size, color style, etc.) on the box must be detailed and clear. This means that the factory is on top of keeping track of their inventory. 

The brand of the wheelchair manufacturer should be on the box so at a glance you know you have received the correct item. Taking time to care about not only the wheelchair itself but also the packaging shows the user that the manufacturer really cares about their product. 

2. Safety is priceless

The first thing to do after unboxing your new wheelchair to find the user manual and look at the safety instruction page. Public transport has now made it possible for wheelchair user’s to travel however car accidents with wheelchair users still happen. One of the main causes include the straps not tying the wheelchair down properlythe wheelchair being poorly structured, and the wheelchair not being crash-test approved.

An exmaple of a wheelchair manufacturer who takes crash testing their wheelchairs very seriously is KARMA. Their wheelchairs are tested in accordance with ISO13458-2016.

We want to emphasize the importance of wheelchair construction. Not only does the performance and function have to be to a high standard but structural safety is also important. Some counties do not require their wheelchairs to pass any safety checks, however, Europe and the USA require that wheelchairs pass a crash test that certifies that they are safe to travel in a vehicle as a seat.

These wheelchairs have been certified with ISO13458-2016 which is the international Medical Equipment Quality Management System that medical devices are required to pass in order to be sold in Europe and the USA. 

3. Head over heels

In addition to the helpful wheelchair functions, the design of the wheelchair is actually also a big selling point. Family members will often choose a wheelchair for their elderly family member. They especially like to choose bright coloured wheelchairs for their elderly relatives!

The design will give each wheelchair its own unique personality which is what helps the user fall in love with it and make them feel good. 

In addition to the appearance, you can check the quality of the wheelchair. We reccomend that you check: 

  • The connections points and accessories of the wheelchair frame are tight and not loose.
  • Any connecting screw protrudes too long and needs are protected by the screw cap.
  • The finish of the surface has no sharp edges.
  • The surface is smooth and even, with a uniform color. 


You may not notice these details at first, but now you know what to look for in a wheelchair and if the price you paid is worth the finished product, the safety of the product, and how it looked when it first arrived. 

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