Why can a Lightweight Travel Wheelchair Price Range From RM300 to RM2000 in Malaysia?

The price depends on the weight of the wheelchair 

Weight is often critical when choosing a wheelchair.  A lightweight frame can increase the range of distance and terrains that the user can travel whilst offering greater protection from the strains of regular wheelchair use. Lighter wheelchairs are also easier to transport and store, particularly if lifted regularly. 

The materials and adjustability are the defining differences between these weight ranges. Lightweight wheelchairs are commonly made of aluminum or aluminum alloys, weighing just 10-14kg. They often offer adjustable features such as removable armrests and footrests. Ultra lightweight wheelchairs weigh 6-12kg and are often made of aero-grade aluminum alloy, with a high strength to weight ratio so they are not only lighter but last significantly longer, therefore they are more cost-effective and easier to maintain. 

If you or your caregiver are not particularly strong, a lighter wheelchair will fit your needs perfectly. A lighter wheelchair can also prevent back injury to the caregiver.

The price will depend on the wheelchairs features

The number of wheelchair features available are numerous and choosing the correct ones for the user is important for comfort and usability. Consider the features that will matter the most to the user, when the user will use it and how often the wheelchair will need to be stored and transported.  Look at the optional and adjustable features available for each model to make the right selection for the user.  

Additional accessories may add weight, so identifying a wheelchair that is highly adjustable and customizable may reduce the additional costs or weight of additional accessories. There are advantages to each wheelchair feature. For example, adjustable backrests/armrests/handles, quick release features, or even adjustable wheel positions.  Removable features can also reduce the weight of the wheelchair for transport or storage.

The price will depend on the quality of the wheelchair 

The cost of a wheelchair can vary depending on the level of comfort and its carrying capacity. The average light-weight wheelchair available in retail shops cost around RM300 to RM2,000.

Manual lightweight travel wheelchairs are the type of chair that can be self-propelled by the user to be able to independently travel indoors or outdoors. Some manual lightweight wheelchairs, such as transport wheelchairs, are not self-propelled and must be pushed by a caregiver.

The cost of a manual chair will depend on the user’s lifestyle and needs. Some users need more features than conventional chairs provide, this is when the user much consider adding additional features or think about buying a different type of lightweight wheelchair.

Wheelchairs Comparison Chart

ModelErgo Lite KM-2501Comfort K3SOMA 215WC-180-12
ImageTransport-Wheelchair / K3 | COMFORT ORTHOPEDIC CO., LTD.SOMA 215 Ultra Lightweight Compact Wheelchair with Swing Away Footrests |  Karma MedicalMedical Health Care - PROMEDICTECH
RSP Price, RMRM1,700.00RM1,100.00RM700.00RM450.00
Total weight8.5kg9.8kg9.9kg12.0kg
User capacity100kg90kg100kg85kg
Comfort **************
FeaturesS-Ergo seatingTraditional seatingSwing-away footrestTraditional seating
Compact sizeYesYesYesYes
5-10 years2-3 years3-6 years1-2 years
5 years1 year2 years1 year

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