Should You Buy a Wheelchair From Amazon? Gumtree? eBay?

The answer very much depends on what you need the wheelchair for. For short term use, for example, after sustaining an injury, a wheelchair bought online could be an option. For long term users, we recommend the user consult a doctor and therapist who have the right experience to recommend the right wheelchair.

4 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Wheelchair From Amazon, Gumtree, or eBay

  1. If a manual wheelchair is needed for recovering from an injury, then buying a cheap wheelchair on the internet is one option. Otherwise, you can also choose to rent instead of buy. Wheelchair rental is a sustainable way to aid your recovery as well as save money. 
  1. If you need a wheelchair for longer than 6 months and for long periods of time, then we recommend buying a wheelchair that has been prescribed specially for you. Whether it is for yourself or an elderly relative, sitting in the wrong wheelchair for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, and risks the user getting secondary injuries.
When a wheelchair is too large, the user will slide forward
uncomfortably which in turn will cause pressure sores and back pain.
  1. An ill-fitting wheelchair is the number one cause of bad posture and pressure sores. When you buy a wheelchair online the chances of getting a wheelchair that fits your exact measurements are slim. When a doctor or therapist recommends a wheelchair, they take on board any special requirements as well as make adjustments after the wheelchair arrives.
  2. Getting a wheelchair prescribed by a specialist is also the only way to claim it on the insurance. Getting the insurance money for the wheelchair will ensure that you get the right wheelchair for you and save you money.

Questions You MUST Ask When Buying a Power Wheelchair Online

  1. After Service

Buying a wheelchair online from an anonymous seller is risky, especially for a power wheelchair. Since all electronics need after service at some point, make sure you know how your Amazon seller is going to provide maintenance service before you buy one.

Otherwise, the product might look affordable today, but you will have to pay more tomorrow.  

2. Product Adjustment 

There are a lot more settings and functions on a power wheelchair compared to a manual wheelchair. A lot of power wheelchairs are bespoke to the user which is why they are more expensive. Depending on the user’s lifestyle and disability, there are functions that can allow the user to stand, tilt, recline. Depending on the user’s mobility range, there are different types of controls… The list goes on!

3. Safety Test or Warranty

All wheelchairs sold in the UK, for example, must be compliant with CE and be approved by crash tests. These tests are your guarantee for a safe everyday life. While retail shops are more compliant with these rules, the on-line shops can sometimes be a blind spot. Thus, it’s a good idea to ask for the safety guarantee before you place the order.

Are Power Wheelchairs Bought From Amazon, Gumtree, or eBay Safe to Use?

The safest way to buy a power wheelchair is with the advice and guidance of a doctor or therapist. Working with professionals will allow you to try out different types and brands of wheelchairs so you can find the one you are most comfortable with. They will recommend the features that will enhance the user’s lifestyle because they have the user’s interest at heart. 

In Summary 

Purchasing a wheelchair online comes with many risks. Talking to a professional will help you get the wheelchair the user needs the first time around instead of buying a lot of the wrong wheelchairs. A knowledgeable professional will save you money and minimize the risk of secondary injuries. 


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