What situation would you rent a wheelchair?

There may be several reasons to consider renting a wheelchair:

Travelling with a rental wheelchair

The elderly want to go out for a short trips together. Therefore, a lightweight wheelchair is needed for short trips to ensure the journey is easy and convenient. For users who need a wheelchair for temporary use, for example after being discharged from hospital or users that need dialysis treatment, renting a wheelchair is their best choice!

For users who are able to walk, but not a far distance we would recommend Karma’s Ergo Lite.
Source: Karma Medical

Short-term injury wheelchair users

Accidents can result in temporary, short-term injuries such as leg fractures and hip arthroplasty. These users need wheelchairs to facilitate their rehabilitation process. The recovery process usually takes 6 months to one year. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy a wheelchair, but just rent.

Testing before buying a wheelchair

Users who have had a stroke, are left with limited body functions, and who have no strength in the upper body, will often be advised by a doctor or therapist to look for a “high-back wheelchair.” This type of wheelchair is priced higher than other types of wheelchairs, therefore, it is important to try it for a few months before purchasing a wheelchair.

High-back, reclining, and tilting wheelchairs are usually recommended to those who are in long term recovery from a stroke.
Source: Karma Medical YouTube – VIP2 Tilt & Recline Wheelchair.

What situation would you buy a wheelchair?

If you need a wheelchair for more than a couple of weeks, it is definitely more cost-effective to buy your own wheelchair.

Buying a wheelchair instead of renting has some definite advantages – when the wheelchair belongs to you, you are free to use it whenever you want. Rent money is often called “dead money”. The money you spend on renting can be spent on buying your own wheelchair. With your own purchased wheelchair, you are making a long-term investment. When you are renting a wheelchair, you may have to pay extra for any damages to the wheelchair.

You may change your mind after purchasing a wheelchair or maybe the user doesn’t need to rely on a wheelchair anymore. In this case, you have the option to resell it, donate to a charity organisation, or give it to someone who needs it.

Source: Karma Mobility

Where you can get your Karma wheelchair rental?

  1. Karma Mobility Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

The staff at Karma Mobility Malaysia are always ready to assist you and help you choose the right wheelchair based on your body size. You can contact the person in charge in the following way:

Address: Suite W1106, 11 Floor West Wing, Wisma Consplant 1.

                No. 2 Jalan SS16/4, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.

Office Contact: +603 5612 1921

WhatsApp: 6010-233 1921

Website: https://www.karmamedical.my/

  • Homecare Shop

HomeCare Shop offers a wide range of Health Care Products & Medical Equipment from over 20 trusted brands. Their staff are equipped with great knowledge to share with our customers.

Address:  Pinang Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd
                      3-2-3, Lorong Delima 20,
                     11700 Penang, Malaysia

Contact:     +6012 406 8220

Email:      customercare@homecareshop.com.my

Website: https://www.homecareshop.com.my/

Where you can buy your Karma wheelchair?

Wheelchairs are available at all pharmacies in Malaysia like Caring Pharmacy, Alpro Pharmacy, AA Pharmacy, Big pharmacy, independent pharmacys, Homecare shop and etc.

Selling PriceDescriptionRental PriceSelling Price
Short term use
Suitable for user can walk but not stable
SM150.5 (RM50~70/mth)
SM250.5 (RM60~80/mth)
SM150.5 (RM689)
SM250.5 (RM789)
Ergo Lite
Ergo Lite 2  
Easy to carry
Can put in car trunk    
Ergo Lite (RM100~150/mth)
Ergo Lite 2 (RM120~170/mth)
ErgoLite (RM1783)
ErgoLite2 (RM2122)  
Short term injury
S-Ergo 105
S-Ergo 125    
Safe to transfer
Suitable for user can’t walk but can sit well  
S-Ergo 105 (RM100~RM150/mth)
S-Ergo 125 (RM150~200/mth)
S-Ergo 105 (RM1486)
S-Ergo 125 (RM2000)
Test before purchase VIP515 (Tilt in Space)
VIP 2 (Tilting & Reclining)
Tilt-in and reclining
Comfortable and pressure relieve
Suitable for user can’t walk and can’t sit well
VIP515 (RM300~350/mth)
VIP 2 (RM500~600/mth)
VIP515 (RM3300)
VIP 2 (RM5999)

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